Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions:

Q: Will my associate degree from a KCTCS college transfer to a four-year public college or university?

A: If a student completes an AA or AS degree at any KCTCS college, any Kentucky public college or university must accept
the general education credits as meeting lower-division general education requirements provided the student’s KCTCS transcript
is certified. This is guaranteed by Kentucky’s General Education Transfer Policy (Agreement) GETA.

Q: Will my Applied Associate in Science (AAS) degree transfer to a four-year college?

A: Kentucky’s Applied Associate Transfer Policy guarantees that the general education courses that students take as part of
an Applied Associate in Science (AAS) degree program will transfer and count toward the lower-division general education
requirements of a four-year transfer school. Students will need to take additional courses (not included in their AAS program)
to complete their requirements.

Q: At what point do Kentucky’s public colleges consider students to be “transfer students?”

A: When students have completed 24 college credits at a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.

Q: What is the minimum GPA needed to transfer to a four-year college?

A: The minimum required GPA required to transfer to a Kentucky public (and most private) colleges and universities is a 2.0.
Many institutions require higher GPAs for specific majors.

Q: What does it take to transfer?

A: Students can transfer at any point in their college career; however, students will not be considered a “transfer student” by
most 4-year colleges and universities until they have completed 24 college credits and have a minimum 2.0 GPA.

Q: Can students transfer without completing 24 college credit hours?

A: Yes. However, students who want to transfer and who have not completed a minimum of 24 college credit hours will be
obliged to meet freshman application requirements. Along with the application students will have to submit official high school
transcripts, official college transcripts, and ACT/SAT scores.

Q: Will my credits from a KCTCS college transfer?

A: Kentucky’s public (and most private) colleges and universities have course equivalency guides so students can check how
their KCTCS courses will transfer. Students can access course equivalency information on their college website, on the transfer
institution’s website, or from a 4-year transfer advisor.

Q: What are transfer, articulation and 2+2 agreements?

A: They all mean the same thing, that a partnership exists between a KCTCS college and a four-year college or university
that is spelled out in the specific agreement. With these agreements students at one or more of the KCTCS colleges (depending
on the agreement) are guaranteed their general education, technical, and/or pre-major courses will transfer to a specific
major or program.

Q: When is the best time to apply to transfer to a 4-year school?

A: The best time to apply to transfer is the semester before transfer (e.g., apply in March to attend the fall semester or apply in
October to attend spring semester). Ideally, the best time to apply to transfer is the same semester that students complete their
associate degree. Application deadlines differ at each institution; pay attention to institution deadlines.

Q: Is there a fee to apply to transfer?

A: Most public and private colleges and universities charge transfer students an application fee—usually under $50. Some institutions
will waive the application fee specific reasons (e.g., if students schedule a campus visit, attend the institution’s transfer fair, or
prove financial hardship).

Q: Are scholarships available for transfer students?

A: Yes. Kentucky’s public (and most private) colleges and universities offer scholarships for transfer students. Information about these
scholarships is available on the institution’s website, the KCTCS transfer webpage, and from the 4-year and KCTCS transfer advisors.

Q: Are there any scholarships for PTK members?

A: Yes. Many of Kentucky’s public and private colleges and universities offer special scholarships for Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)
members who transfer to those institutions. For information about which 4-year institutions award PTK scholarships, students can
go to the PTK website, check on the institution’s website, or ask a PTK advisor or KCTCS transfer advisor.

Q: How can students request their transcripts?

A: Students may request their transcripts (usually in person or online) from the admissions and records office at their home
college or university. Students should expect to pay a small fee to process each transcript request. Students can request that
transcripts be sent to another college or university.

Q: When should students who intend to transfer request their transcripts?

A: Students should request their transcript be sent to the 4-year institution at the time they complete their transfer application.
The transfer institution will make an admission decision based on the coursework already completed (often pending successful
completion of current coursework). Students should then submit a final transcript once the semester coursework is completed.

Q: What is an official college transcript?

A: All colleges and universities require prospective transfer students to submit official transcripts from each 2- and 4-year institution
students have attended. An official transcript is one that is authorized by a college or university admissions and records office.

Q: What is a for-profit college or university?

A: A for-profit college or university (also known as a proprietary college or university) is a post-secondary institution that is
operated as a business and dependent on fees from each student who enrolls. For-profit institutions are accredited by national
accrediting agencies such as the American Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). Many regionally accredited
schools will not accept transfer credits earned at a nationally accredited school.